19 Dram (3.5g) Translucent Blue Pop Top Bottles

Pop Top Bottles are perfect for storing and transporting dried flower and other small items of medication. Squeeze the sides of the bottle, and the recloseable lid opens with the infamous 'POP' sound.

Available in a range of colours, in opaque (Solid Colour) or translucent (See Through) plastic. 

Our Pop-Top Vials are shatterproof and made from high-quality food-safe plastics that release no harmful toxins like most cheaply made replica bottles.

Our Pop Top Bottles Are…

  • Child Safety Certified
  • BPA Free
  • FDA Approved
  • Food & Medical Grade Plastic

Pop-Top Size Guide

  • 6 Dram = 1g flower
  • 13 Dram = 2g flower
  • 19 Dram = 3.5g flower
  • 30 Dram = 7g flower

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Material Polypropylene
Size 19 dram
Dimensions 1.50" x 2.75"
Color Translucent Blue
Capacity 3.5 grams
Style Pop-top bottle
Use With Flower, concentrates, edibles